Outdoor painting

Out door painting pARTies are just the best thing since sliced bread!  Something that came up recently is a conversation about the bugs and the wind, the weather. The weather does play a major role in a successful outdoor event, but I believe that if we wait for good weather or plan around the weather we won’t be doing much. 13669258_1530922496972474_8271525808724275939_o

We have had many events outside and like every outdoor event there is wind and there are bugs, but it has never been an issue ruining an event. Bugs can easily be lifted with the brush if they end up on the canvas. I will suggest keeping sweet drinks and fruits away it that might be a concern.

We don’t make use of paper plates/cups/napkins that can blow away in the wind! Our events are garbage free! We use glass jars for water, painting palettes and painting rags.

If it is very sunny and warm the paint dries quickly, but have ways to deal with that and all pARTies that we have had outside has been a lot of fun and everyone had great paintings. When it rains other than dealing with colder temperatures, it does not really affect the painting session. I do suggest having some kind of cover be arranged for shade or if it rains. Your event will still continue if it rains, except if there are any official weather warnings

We have standing easels and table easels for your convenience.

Should you require, we can arrange for bar stools, tables and catering for your event.

Don’t hesitate to ask our services are not limited to what you see!

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