Global Peace and Joy; Everyone experience inner peace and pure joy through painting!


Encourage people to unwind, paint and have fun so that they can experience pure joy and happiness while making art. Have fun like they did, as a child, when the art supplies came out!


An adventure of discovery, fun and pure joy at every Zealous Art event

Simple instruction and encouragement to let your inner artist out and explore your creative side while having fun with the focus on discovery and experience rather than the end result.


Freedom: Freedom to be creative. Freedom to explore your creativity. Free from thoughts, expectations and judgement while making art.

Fun: I enjoy and have fun in what I do. I inspire and encourage others to have fun and enjoy!

Community: Bringing the community, friends and family together. Continuously participate and encourage community events. Community Collaborations.

Passion: I love fun art and what I do! Passionate about bringing people together and to get everyone to experience the pure joy and fun of making art.

I am Zealous Art

Hi I am Freda

I teach people to paint!  Actually that IS an understatement! I facilitate workshops and painting events that help people discover their inner artist, have fun and experience pure joy! Remember how it felt when the crayons and paints came out as a kid… think back. Think before some adult ruined art making and being creative.  It is possible to get their again!  Contact me if you would like to experience art like that again!

Zealous Art and Painting pARTies is a company that prides itself in quality events that is perfect for any occasion. Everyone has an inner artist waiting to be explored and enjoyed! These group art lessons are great for corporate and private events with friends and families.  Zealous Art can  transform any space into a pARTy ARTy STUDIO from a dining room to a boardroom.  We offer a high quality service that your guests will love!  Zealous Art is internationally available online and facilitates events in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas and further!  Come discover your inner artist