You are here for a reason!

We will be running a watercolour painting class at Zealous Art with Olga!   Olga Osnach a brilliant artist that lives right here in Langley, will break down watercolour painting so that it is easy to understand and practice on your own.    This class is great for those beginners and experience watercolour painters.   Ages 13+ 

If you have always wanted to learn Watercolour painting this is the class for you. Olga is passionate about art and have been teaching art for many years.  She loves to see how people learn new skills and fall in love with art. Not only will you learn watercolour but you will make new friends.   Many people that have attended classes at Zealous Art talk about the atmosphere and the friendships they have made.  

Breakdown of what you will learn:

Session 1. What is watercolor?  Watercolor consist. Pigments. Opaque and transparent paints. Advice about brands.  Brushes – fiber: natural vs artificial. Shapes. How to use. Effects.  Palette: overview of materials (plastic, iron, porcelain)  Paper: fiber, density, pressing, grain, brands.  Know your palette: making the chart. Itten’s circle.   Washes and Gradients.   Exercise: Small study using the glazing technique.

Session 2. Exploring the watercolor characteristics.  Infusion of one color into another, washing, lifting the pigment. Multilayering technique. Light distribution on a spherical surface.   Exercise: Study of fruits using the glazing technique.

Session 3. Wet in Wen technique. Exercise: Study of a pumpkin on wet paper.

Session 4. Grisaille (monochrome) and Duotone.  Exercise: Landscape study in Monochrome. Study in Duotone

Session 5. Special Effects. Masking liquid, salt, alcohol, plastic wrap, scratching   Exercises: Underwater, Birds on the brunch.

Session 6. Negative painting   Exercise: autumn leaves in a puddle

Session 7. Mixed technique   Watercolor sketch with liner. Greeting picture (can be used as a Christmas gift) Exercise: Watercolor food sketch. Funny animal

Session 8. Create your own!  Bring your idea and create your own work under the instructor’s guidance.

Cost is $300 does not include the watercolour paint, but does includes all other art supplies you need. When you have signed up Olga will contact you to discuss what paint to purchase.   Paint costs around $35 and can last up to a year depending how much you paint.

Sign up today. This year is flying by, it is almost Christmas. A perfect time to learn a new skill before the year is over.

Minimum of 4 is needed to run the class Maximum 8 per class.

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