Arts Alive Festival

Such a beautiful day!

We set up in the rain, wondering what the weather would do, but it was perfect. I can’t tell you when the rain stopped, but this weather was just not beach weather and as you can see by the photos… everyone knew exactly where to go!


 Perfect day to be listening to great music, enjoy good food, art and explore your creative side!

IMG_7605I took the above photos looking left then right out of my booth! Crazy I know… so I yelled out: “Thank you beautiful people for supporting the arts!!”   (Okay, I yelled it out with my inner voice… but I wanted to do it with my outer voice… really!)


Gone a little dotty!! I know! Nothing says pARTy like polka dots!

I missed a many beautiful people when they walked by or they left before I could grab ’em, but I did get a few to pose for a photo!

I had painting pARTies at my booth and these guys sure had fun!  It is always exciting to see how those who were pretty sure that I could not get them to paint leave with a pretty decent painting. A lot of fun was had by all!  😀

Thank you for joining me today


See you in 2016!!