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You can not use up creativity

November 15, 2019 freda 0

“You can not use up creativity, The more you use the more you have” Maya Angelou A Routine of CreativityBy Jeffrey BaumgartnerA reason many companies […]

Team building painting session

August 23, 2018 freda 0

Today I secured 2 team building painting sessions for 2 separate teams, for two completely opposite reasons 1. New team – Professionals from various departments […]

Lunch ART Learn

July 31, 2018 freda 0

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. ~Plato   Location:The Hilton Whistler Client: Automattic […]

My story

June 11, 2018 freda 0

I walked about a 1km to get to this interview. I was a little nervous, but when you talk about something you love and with […]

#zealousart April winner

May 4, 2018 freda 0

      Congratulations to our April Winner Instagram user  @grapevine1967 Let the painting begin! Fun team building event… #painting #art #arty #paintingfun #paintparty #teambuilding#zealousart […]