Bride to be pARTies




Had to laugh when the ‘self proclaimed’ bridezilla found me on Facebook and made sure her twin sister knew exactly what she wanted to do for her bachelorette pARTy months before the event!  Well, ZealousArt was glad to be there and it was such a fun event!  Bridezilla was not a bridezilla at all, but a loving women who knows how to have fun!  She was surrounded by her closest friends and family and had a beautiful day!

A week later I was lucky enough to be part of another bachelorette pARTy!  The second pARTy was just the beginning of a well planned eventful night. The bride’s mother was there to take photos and be the designated driver for the evening. I am sure they had loads of fun the rest of the evening!!



Painting pARTies are great for any celebration! Great for team building events or just a girls night in!

if you would like to plan your pARTy start here!

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