Covid19 made me do it –>>. Free live painting on Facebook information and links

I had to change the way I do business ….actually, I had to do thousands in refunds, shut down my business and after a few weeks of doing live painting sessions I now offer a Paint Night membership you can join!  In a few weeks you will be able to either join the membership or buy short courses depending what you would like to paint.
Until further notice will only be doing live painting sessions on Facebook and providing videos in the memberships!  (Currently no zoom private pARTies or in person pARTies)
My events are FREE on my Facebook page
 These events happen on Tuesdays 6pm pst and on Fridays at 8pm pst.
Keep it simple
Acrylic paint – craft paints or student grade is perfect
You choose your colours!
3-4 different size brushes A small round, medium round, medium filbert/flat brush, large flat for background. (I prefer synthetic hair brushes)
Canvasses or mixed media paper
Water to clean brushes
Paper towels / paint cloth
Painting palette (paper plate will work)
Use what you have! improvise Get creative.
Past videos:
Flowers in a mason jar (This one is great on a lighter back ground to! Just give your jar a few darker lines 🙂
Cat in the moon light (Try an owl in the sunset?)
Adorable gnome (try it with different colours!)
Jelly fish (the full series is available in the memberships)
Branch over the water (Try this one with blue water and add some green leaves in between the flowers!)
Spring blossom river scene (wonder what this one would look like with sunset colours…
The moody owl painting 😃 (My mom did this one in black and golds and it is beautiful!)
THE FIRST video I made – I did so many refunds that week and I was pretty emotional! I started doing these videos and it helped me as much as it helped hundreds of others in these trying times
Visit to learn more about memberships
FAMILY PAINT NIGHT SUBSCRIPTION – Painting videos with new videos being added continuously $17 a month
DISCOVER YOUR INNER ARTIST – Loads of videos, techniques, art journaling and other bonus courses and content $37
I love bringing the paint pARTy to you online today.
If you had fun and found value in the painting instruction please share these events with your family and friends.
While these sessions are FREE and for everyone to relax and to have fun during these uncertain time, I have received many messages from those who would like to support me in some way while my business is well… not as social right now.
  I will openly accept donation amounts of your choice if you have found value in our time together. You may submit donations through my PayPal or if you reside in Canada you may e-transfer to: freda @ zealousart . com.
 These painting session has been so rewarding and exciting! The stories and photos that you are sharing Gets me up these days.
Thank you for joining, sharing and participating! I look forward to do in person painting session at a location near you soon!
– Freda