Host at your business


Have a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop and want to host a painting pARTy?



What to expect when hosting a pARTy…

A pARTy is approximately 2 hours

We use non-toxic acrylic paint and provide plastic table covers, aprons all art supplies.

We arrive 1 hour prior to the pARTy to set up and stay 1 hour afterwards to clean up

This makes for a fun night out and patrons order drinks and food.

Exposure to a new customer base


Why consider hosting a pARTy?

– Professional partnership

– Painting with Freda is not a formal art lesson it is an artistic escape! A fun night out with friends, bringing out your inner artist.  The crowd loves that instant feeling of accomplishment. We often hear  people utter the words ‘I can’t even ‘draw a stick-man’ or I have not painted since I was 9 or 10, but they go home ecstatic for what they created and many are return become customers. I once had a women stepping outside for a moment and when she returned she could not believe the painting on the easel was hers… She thought I swapped it out with another! ha ha

– You can be part of that story, be associated with a night many remember as a night they created their masterpiece.

– There will be no mess, we bring plastic table cloths and clean up afterwards.

– We make use of non-toxic acrylic paint that is fast drying and there will be no smell of paint in your restaurant.

– We cross promote on Social media benefiting each other and our community

What we need …

– Tables and chairs set up, same as you would for a dinner (but clear the tables before we arrive)

– Approximately 3 liters of water for the brushes

– The lights turned up, The brighter the better

– Music please!


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