You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. ~Plato


Location:The Hilton Whistler

Client: Automattic

Number or artists: 45

Event type: Once a year all staff (more than 400 of them) from all over the world meetup in one location for their annual A GM (Automattic Grand Meetup)

We provided the table coverings, easels and all the art supplies.

Our artist, Freda guided the group for two hours step by step in creating their own masterpieces. A custom painting was designed for this group from a few photos Kathryn Presner provided. 

Everyone, whether they have painted before or not did a great job in creating their own masterpieces!

Everyone is always excited about the group photo!

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Types of events available

1 hour Lunch ART Learn 9 x 12 Canvas

2 hour Lunch ART Learn 12 x 16 stretched canvas

3 hour Lunch ART Learn Team building Collaborative painting / Musical chairs (minimum 8 artists) Max 100!


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