Mandala dotting at home

Mandala dotting at home

So many times after a class I receive emails about Mandala dotting tools and paints I use.

Here are the links of great tools and paints you can use

Click on the photos to purchase via Amazon!

Mandala Dotting Tools (Regular)- 16 Sizes from 0.5mm to 8mm – Recycled Plastic – Made in Canada 


Mandala Dotting Tools (Large) – 12 Sizes from 11mm to 18mm – Made in Canada


I prefer a fluid acrylic when using these mandala dotting tools.

This a great option

FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint Set (2-Ounce), PROMO830 No.1 (12-Pack)


TOPELEK 12 Pieces Paint Brushes, Artist Paint Brushes Set Include 2 Palettes 


How to use the Dotting tool 


1.  Dip only the tip of the tool into the paint.  Only a minimal amount is required.
Tip: Scraping or shaking off excess paint will make your dots imperfect.

2. Hold the dotting tool so it is perpendicular to the surface.
Tip: Hold the tool close to the end (like a pencil) to increase precision.

3. Press the dotting tool all the way onto the surface and pull up.  There is no need to hold the dotting tool on the surface for a long time.

Cleaning the tools

  • After each use – Wipe with a paper napkin immediately after each use. The paint will leave a little stain on the tool, but it will not transfer onto your next colour. – Make sure you wipe the very end of the tool each time
  • Hardened paint – For easy removal, soak in super hot water for 10-15 seconds and wipe immediately with a paper napkin. If it is heavy build up, please repeat.
  • For heavy build up – Use sparsely
    • Clean with a non-scratch pad. (only if it says non scratch on the packaging). Do not scrub the end or rim of the tool to ensure the product maintains its perfect circle.
    • Or clean with a little cream cleaner (Vim, Jif, Cif) may also help, but again stay away from the rims and use only seldom. This will help remove the stains too.
  • Avoid – Any solvents, as they may corrode the tips reducing the uniformity of the circle.  No rubbing alcohol, no baby wipes, no brush cleaning solution, and alcohol based paints.


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