December 2014

Shaw TV –  Go! West Coast  Tiffany Gurden finds out how fun and easy it actually is to paint with ZealousArt and painting pARTies!!



October 2013

The Langley Times ~ Entertainment news front page


by  Kristyl Clark – Langley Times
posted Oct 28, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Move over,  Tupperware. Step aside, cosmetics and cleaning product parties. There’s a new soirée trend in Langley that’s catching on quick and turning its participants into budding Picassos.





April29, 2014

Shannon from Dragonfly Consulting and her friends – The Experience Club enjoyed a pARTy and this is what she wrote:

In our last blog post, we had talked about our ‘Experience Club’, where we plan a monthly event with a group of our girlfriends. Our latest experience was a painting party with the talented Zealous Art and was catered by the fabulous Celina of Table is Set!






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