Rock painting – Elegant Lavender Rocks!

I was so excited to paint with Folk Art’s Color Shift paint and I have to say the photos does not do it justice.

The Color Shift paint is transparent so I painted a base coat. The base coat was painted with  Lavender by DecoArt Crafter’s acrylic bought from a local ‘dollar store’.  I created the patterns and the solid pieces that shimmer with the Orchard Flash FolkArt Color Shift paint



FolkArt PROMOCS8 Color Shift Chameleon Paint Set 2 oz

Artist Brushes Set of 10 pcs – 4 Different Shapes Art Paint Brush Set for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Painting and Adult Face Painting

When creating anything we can be very hard on ourselves. Criticizing and being critics, comparing and it makes the creative process hard.  When you pick up the brush to paint even just a rock. Be gentle with yourself. Every time you move the brush and make a mark you are growing. Some grow faster than others… be gentle and love yourself. 

Happy Painting!  


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