At school

Dear teacher,

Let the kids feel like an artist!  This will be a day they remember for a long time.   I will bring table coverings, I bring aprons, easels and all the needed art supplies and guide the kids to paint a theme you select from our gallery.  

I will come to your school during school hours, for a special rate of $15 per child (minimum charge for up to 20 kids per group –  max 40 per group)  

The kids will absolutely love this activity.

Durations is approximately one to 1 and a 1/2 hours depending on the subject chosen and the size of the group.

And just for fun I have BoB Ross Wigs I can bring a long!  

Please note traveling fees may apply. 


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  1. Hi, I am the fundraiser at Cherry Hill Elementary school in Mission. I was wondering if you do fundraiser type events for schools. I think the kids would love to do this.
    Thank you for any info you can provide me with.

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