BC CRN Provincial Conference Theme: The Story Tree


Bring people together to discover their inner artist and experience pure joy and happiness while making art. An Art experience is fun! Remember what it was like, as a child, when the art supplies came out?

Combine an artistic experience with your brand launch, seminar or conference. This will be a great addition to your event where corporate clients and companies interact.

JIBC summer 2018

Get to know your team through a creative experience. Learn more about our team bondingmobile art experience, FUNdraisers and Corporate events that will surely have your guests buzzing for weeks after!


Freda Lombard – owner & founder of Zealous Art

In the last 10 years more than 15 000 people have painted with me. I have painted in peoples homes, in parks, on the beach and even in a bunker!  I bring the art experience to you and it is an art experience they will remember and associate to a great time for sure! 

Fill out the contact for below if you would like to learn more about my services! I promise for an adventure of discovery, fun and pure joy at every Zealous Art event