Step by Step painting – 3 birds

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To start painting you will need only a few basic supplies.

Canvas – Actually any surface that is paintable will do. Wood, canvas or mixed media paper (a thicker paper that will be able to handle acrylic paints)

Paint – Acrylic paint, craft/fluid acrylics will do! (no need to go pro while you are learning a student grade acrylic paint will work)

Brushes – Acrylic paint brushes (I do not recommend watercolour brushes or hard bristle brushes for this guide) Soft but firm hair brushes in several sizes. I like a small round for doing finder lines and a 1/4 and 1/2 inch filbert.

Water cup – Don’t use water to paint with only to clean the brush in between changing colours.

Paper towel / old rag – to dry your brush after washing.

Palette – a paper plate will work great

Table covering and a apron if your are messy like me!

Take a deep breath and say these affirmations!

My creativity is free and flowing easily

I am satisfied with what I create and it brings me joy

I am creative

My inner artist is stronger than my inner critic

Remember: Ditch perfection aim for expression!

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Below is links to products that I use regularly

Sax True Flow Acrylic Paint – Pint – Set of 12 – Assorted Colors


Princeton Art & Brush Real Value Synthetic Brush Set


I really enjoy using Filbert brushes Here is a link to a great set!

Professional Artist Paint Brushes-Set of 6-Filbert Golden Synthetic Nylon Bristles for Oil-Acrylic Painting


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