Team building painting session
Team building Christmas 2017

Team building painting session

Today I secured 2 team building painting sessions for 2 separate teams, for two completely opposite reasons

1. New team – Professionals from various departments and locations in the company, that will be working very closely together on a new project (20 people) This team will be doing a traditional step by step instructor led Painting session. Will happen at the studio.

2. Old team – Team that has been working together for a few years but have a new manager. They are all work work work… He would like for them to relax and have some fun together. Their focus will be on Team spirit, fun and motivation (40 people) Their manager chose the Musical Canvas Painting session – just like musical chairs but with paintings! This one is going to be a lot of fun! Taking the big speaker and microphone for this one! Happening in their warehouse.

How cool is this?

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Photo from a team building event Christmas season 2017