Team building Transport Canada Vancouver

After some consultation it was decided on doing the musical chairs painting, but they also wanted to do a collaborative painting… So we did both!

Theme: Transport
Team building session: Collaborative & Musical chairs painting!
The team: A fairly new team ‘Coordination and Policy” for Transport Canada. They are all analysts of some sort…

Fabulous bunch of people!

Trusting the process we started off with the 8 canvases with simple lines on it… The photos tells the rest of the story!


I designed a scene and drew it out over 8 canvasses. 

The team got right into painting and it was exciting to see the canvases with the first splashes of paint! 

Cheers!  Is this going to work out??


#trusttheprocess  She had a great time taking over other’s canvases…  That is Trevor …the story has a happy ending.  Final touches…

Million dollar signature 


Brock standing in for Chris that had to have a quick meeting with another team member… 

Such a great team effort!



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