Wine glass painting in the Fraser Valley

Wine glass painting in the Fraser Valley

Are you social when you paint or do you ‘get in the zone’ like me?


WoW! What a season!  Christmas 2017 was my busiest season with more than 1 000 people painting with us since our first Christmas themed painting pARTy this season.  Isn’t that crazy!

In 2011 when I started to do mobile paint pARTIes there was no ‘Paint Nite’ in Canada only after doing some research,  I found US based businesses like Canvas and Cocktails doing paint pARTies. These pARTies were known in the states as ‘speed painting lessons’ and they did them in various locations like schools and restaurants.  About a year or so after I started doing the pARTies did I see local artists and even non artists see the great business opportunity and started offering mobile art pARTies and then Paint Nite entered Canada and wow, now you can pARTy everywhere.  To tell you the truth I love going as much as I like facilitating these pARTies, and I often do. I do find that I am not the greatest person to go with… not that much fun, I get so involved with the painting I don’t socialize. I forget to drink something and if I would order food, I bet it would go home in a take out box!   Are you social when you paint or do you ‘get in the zone’ like me? Let me know…

Something that we now do almost as much as canvas painting is wine glass painting.

The wine glass painting sessions are very different to the canvas painting sessions. We still provide all the art supplies the difference is… if you change your mind on a brush stroke… you just wipe it off and go again… a little easier than a canvas where a few more steps are required to make a change!  I love how creative everyone gets as this is mostly self paced session with an artists around to give basic technique instructions and some guidance. Very social fun event and everyone goes home with a keepsake from what is always a fun event.

You can have a wine glass pARTy  in your home or at your office or you can join a local event.  All you need to do is set up a table like you would for a dinner and we will do the rest. So phone a few friends fill out our contact sheet and lets make your 2018 your most creative year yet!

I would like to wish you and your family the very best for 2018