Benefits of spending only a few minutes a week painting

It is fun

Remember when the art supplies came out as a kid? You can feel that again!

It is relaxing

Dragging a brush over a canvas and focusing just on the painting relaxes your mind, body and soul

It reduces stress

A mindfulness activity reduces the pART of your brain where you feel  stress. Being focused on your painting relaxes you, thus reducing stress

It boosts

You'll be amazed at what you can create even if you think you can't draw a stick man! Doing this regularly, creating something out of nothing, boosts your self confidence.

Your Instructor

'I do fun art, not fine art!  You don't need to be an artist, I will guide you step by step!" is how Freda starts her painting classes.

Freda gently guides you step by step to do fun, simple paintings. She loves sharing tips and tricks and she is described as patient, gentle, delightful. People leave her sessions saying she is a ray of sunshine and has the ability to make everyone feel like an artist.

What others Say

Finding my inner creative self. Loveing your relaxed mood - no time to stress out. I had no idea I could do this!!! Thanks Freda

Gayla Sordahl

So much fun and so relaxing. Thanks again, Ms Freda!

Dincy Berlinger Horton

Thank you so much!! I really loved this one so much. I usually struggle with trees but you made it so easy for us.

Sheela Chandraskhekar Belagaje

This painting was fun and a whole lot less challenging than I expected! You always give me confidence and eliminate my fears! Thank you

Denise Mead

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