6 reasons why you should participate in this Paint your pet’s portrait art challenge!

5 day Paint Your Pet’s portrait Art Challenge! April 26th – 30th! Create a beautiful meaningful piece! Pet Portraits are great gifts and keepsakes!

Freda, your instructor, will be sharing all her tips and tricks she has learned from teaching 100s of people to paint their pets!

  • Painting your pet’s portrait is a personal creative outlet
  • No need to be able to draw Freda shares some tips and tricks to get your pet on the canvas
  • Easy step by step painting instructions
  • Community to connect and interact with like minded participants.
  • Learn a skill that produce great gifts… or even another income stream!
  • Great investment in yourself!

Day 1 – Choose the right photo and get your supplies ready

Day 2 – Draw your pet onto the canvas

Day 3 – Paint the background and colour blocking

Day 4 – Painting the nose, eyes and any accessories

Day 5 – Painting the fur and final touches

Thousands of people have painted with me over the last few years at my studio and at group painting events. Now they join me online and in their own homes! I love seeing the joy and excitement painting brings. People of all skill levels join to have fun and paint along. I am so excited for you to join in the fun! ~Freda