Remember that feeling when the art supplies came out as a kid? …bring it back! Paint night at home.

Ah! Bring that feeling back with a paint night at home!  Creating and having fun, not holding back, no judging, just painting and drawing with all the colours around!

This kind of fun is not just reserved for kids!  We can all paint and experience the joy and peace making art brings through Paint Nights at home. Quite often when guiding painting during kids Birthday pARTies it would be so quiet while the kids paint and even I sometimes wondered if they were having fun … but at the end they would thank me for guiding them and tell me ‘It was the best pARTy ever!’ Phew…!

Painting slows the mind down and you are just focussing on what you are doing. All your thoughts go quiet as you drag your brush over the canvas and see the colours play on the canvas. When you step back and see your creation you don’t have to judge or critique it but rather just accept it for what it is and remember the peace and joy you experience while making it. Be gentle with yourself when you look at your art. When you think of someone what you really remember is how they made you feel. That is how we are to look at our creations!  We experience and emotion, the emotion we felt creating it. 

I would love to share my favourite winter painting to teach and invite you to paint it at home with your friends and family!

You need a few basic art supplies acrylic paint, a few paint brushes and canvases.

Even if you think you can’t paint, my step by step painting classes are easy enough for everyone to paint!

My instruction videos are easy to follow with no ‘artist talk’, not complicated or technical, just easy step by step instructions to guide you gently through the process and have you discovering your inner artist in a fun and relaxing way!

Get the family together, face-time your friends and let’s have a Paint Night at home!

Here are a few photos of others who have painted this painting over the last few years. When I look at these I see how much fun they’ve had. How creative they were! How my few instructions had them painting and having fun. Making the painting their own. I remember their stories and absolutely loved seeing these paintings come together.